Cargo Insurance

ins-1It is very important to have Cargo Insurance to cover goods in case of any accident in ocean.

Best Import and Export Performance offers comprehensive cargo insurance coverage for air, ocean and ground shipments. Our competitive rates, automated reporting system and efficient claims processing make comprehensive cargo insurance a very desirable service option.

Our insurance program covers your goods from the time we pack them to the time they are delivered to its destination.

Cargo insurance usually insures export shipments against loss, damage and any accident in ocean.

Rates quoted are for “All Risk” coverage (except for certain commodities). “All Risk” coverage includes:

  • Theft and non-delivery
  • Full carton and partial loss
  • Damage in transit
  • Accident in ocean
    Steam shiplines are not responsible for any loss, damage and any accident of uninsured goods!

Should a claim arise, we will do the following:

  • Notify the carriers of your intent to hold them responsible for loss or damage to your shipment
  • Arrange for a survey, if necessary, at no additional cost to you
  • Submit a claim with supporting documents to the insurance underwriters
  • Follow-up settlement of the claim with the insurance underwriters to ensure prompt settlement