• Container shipping
    Container shipping Best Import and Export Performance offers container and bulk cargo management services for shipping companies, freight forwarders, traders.
  • We export parts for most vehicles
    We export parts for most vehicles We are distributors of Automotive Parts for all makes of vehicles. Please feel free to contact Us.
  • Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
    Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction We firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.
  • Sea freight forwarding process
    Sea freight forwarding process We offer sea forwarding services and freight forwarding services for transporting the consignment of any size to any part of the world.





Best Import and Export Performance Inc. is international container shipping corporation based in Toronto, Canada. Our specialties are overseas moving of personal effects, boats, oversize vehicles, heavy machinery, construction equipment; as well as car shipping to Europe, Asia, Africa and all over the World from Canada in containers>>Read more…

One of the major items that you can ship from anywhere in Canada internationally is a car. With the dimensions, size and weight that car will pose, there are certain things that you will need to have in place when you decide to ship a car. Car shipping involves using a large freight ship to get the car across waters, as transporting it through land  >>Read more…

Reliable Car and Heavy Vehicle Parts operates a dedicated export department out of our Best Import and Export Performance Inc., which can handle all aspects of importing and exporting car parts worldwide.
We have specialist knowledge of parts for all makes of car, in particular North American, Korean and Japanese and can arrange >>Read more…

It is very important to have Cargo Insurance to cover goods in case of any accident in ocean.
Best Import and Export Performance offers comprehensive cargo insurance coverage for air, ocean and ground shipments. Our competitive rates, automated reporting system and efficient claims processing make compre->>Read more…

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